Hello - and thank you for finding me. Here you will find music, news, songwriting, theatrics, art, thoughts, truth, lies...

I've tried to include most of what I've done creatively over the past few years. I am recording and writing most of the time and have several very exciting projects in the pipeline.

I am currently working on a duets album with Rosalie Deighton called Balsamo/Deighton. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And our new website Balsamo/Deighton.

Watch the amazing Balsamo/Deighton video and download the single, a cover of Shawn Colvin's "I Don't Know Why". All the download links are here. We have also released a cover of Jackson Browne's "Sky Blue And Black" in aid of a fantastic charity, Harry's Fund. Download links are here.

There is also a fabulous merchandise shop for the various projects I've been involved in - all designs by me, check it out on Dizzyjam.

Peace and good luck to you!

SB x


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